Summer Tundra Buggy Day Tours

A Summer Tundra Buggy® Day Tour is one of the best ways to experience the magnificent ecosystems surrounding Churchill. With the most special permits to access the trail network in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, explore the tundra while your driver provides interpretation about the colourful flora, amazing fauna and incredible history of this unique sub-arctic environment. Experience the summer scenery and scan the landscape for arctic fox, arctic hare, caribou and the first polar bears to return from their annual hunt on the sea ice. Churchill is also an incredible destination for bird lovers, with over 200 different species migrating through the area each summer.

Please note that Tundra Buggy Day Tours take place on a 40-passenger Tundra Buggy and during peak seasons have a tendency to sell to capacity. We highly recommend booking your Tundra Buggy Day Tour(s) as early as possible.  

Want to learn more about Tundra Buggies and Tundra Buggy Day Tours? Read our FAQ here.

Summer Tundra Buggy Day Tours begin at Fifty Eight North - Home of the Tundra Buggy at 124 Kelsey Boulevard. Guests will be transferred to the Tundra Buggy Dock where we will board our Tundra Buggy and journey into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area for an approximately 6-hour tour. Our time on the tundra will be spent exploring the subarctic landscape and searching for wildlife. At the end of the tour guests will be transferred back to Fifty Eight North. Snacks and refreshments will be available on the Tundra Buggy. Summer Tundra Buggy Day Tours are available in July and August.

Summer Tundra Buggy Day Tour Dates & Times

Our Summer Tundra Buggy Day Tour departure times vary as they are planned around Sea North's beluga whale-watching schedule as well as Calm Air's flight schedule.

2023 Summer Tundra Buggy Day Tours 

View the 2023 Summer Tundra Buggy Day Tour schedule here.


Adult: CA$259 CAD
Child: CA$219 CAD

*All taxes included in price. Light meal included on Tundra Buggy. Child price is for children 12 and under at time of travel.

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Sun, Jul 2 at 8:00am 

July, 2023

Sun, Jul 2 at 8:00am 
Tue, Jul 4 at 8:00am 
Thu, Jul 6 at 1:00pm 
Sat, Jul 8 at 8:00am 
Mon, Jul 10 at 1:00pm 
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August, 2023

Tue, Aug 1 at 8:00am 
Thu, Aug 3 at 8:00am 
Thu, Aug 10 at 9:00am 
Fri, Aug 11 at 8:00am 
Tue, Aug 15 at 8:00am 
Wed, Aug 16 at 1:00pm 
Sat, Aug 19 at 8:00am 
Mon, Aug 21 at 8:00am 
Tue, Aug 22 at 8:00am 
Thu, Aug 24 at 2:30pm 
Fri, Aug 25 at 1:00pm 
Sat, Aug 26 at 8:00am 
Mon, Aug 28 at 1:00pm 
Tue, Aug 29 at 1:00pm 
Thu, Aug 31 at 8:00am 


Frontiers North committed to going water bottle-free in 2016. Instead of using disposable plastic water bottles on our Tundra Buggies, we are encouraging our guests to bring their own reusable, sealable water bottle or travel mug that can be filled with clean drinking water or coffee on board. 

By phasing out the use of manufactured plastic bottles on our Tundra Buggies, we are helping to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels used to produce plastic bottles and carbon dioxide emitted into our atmosphere when bottles are transported. On top of all that, we’re keeping plastic out of landfills!

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