Our Team

At Frontiers North Adventures we're invested in the places we travel because we live here.

Merv and Lynda Gunter founded Frontiers North Adventures in 1987 after living in Churchill from 1982-1986. Their passion for the area is what convinced them that more people in the world need to experience it for themselves.

We're proud to be a family-owned and operated company that employs full time and seasonal staff from across Canada, with the majority of those right here in Manitoba. This great country is what we know and what we love; let us share it with you.


Adventure Leaders and Tundra Buggy® Lodge

Chosen for their expertise and passion for Canada's North, our frontline staff offer a wealth of knowledge that makes the difference between a good vacation and an authentic adventure. Click on each photo to meet our team. 

Jim Baldwin

Tundra Buggy Driver since 2006

A seasoned raft guide in Jasper, Alberta, Jim has led enthusiastic white-water rafting tour groups for over 20 years. When not behind the wheel of a Tundra Buggy or braving the wild waters, he takes great interest in wildlife photography, filmmaking, fly-fishing, canoeing, dog walking, hiking and music.

Ward Cameron

Interpretive Guide since 2018

Ward Cameron is a naturalist, photographer and educator based in the Canadian Rockies. For the past 35 years, he has shown visitors the magic of the mountains, it’s wildlife and landscapes. In October, he migrates to the shores of Hudson Bay to share his passion for polar bears and photography.

Duane Collins

Interpretive Guide since 2018

Born and raised in northeastern Newfoundland Duane has spent most of his life on the water or in the wild. For 12 years Duane lived in Churchill working for Parks Canada. Although the history of the north is one of Duane's great passions he has extensive experience living and working in polar bear country. In addition to working for Frontiers North Duane is the co-owner of Hare Bay Adventures specializing in custom outdoor experiences in Newfoundland.

Bob Debets

Tundra Buggy Driver since 2003

Born in the Netherlands, "Buggy Bob" immigrated to Canada at a young age and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. During his 31-year career as a Zoo Keeper at the Assiniboine Park Zoo and San Francisco Zoo, Bob had the opportunity to work with many wildlife species, including the giant panda’s at the Giant Panda Research Base in Chengdu, China.

Jennifer Diment

Interpretive Guide since 2019

With over ten years of aquatic biology experience in the environmental industry and a Master’s degree in Environmental Toxicology, Jennifer works with aquatic species at risk specializing in species found in Canada's central and Arctic region. In her spare time, Jenn enjoys spending most of her time outside with her dogs, bird watching, bow hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and travelling. Jenn grew up in southern Saskatchewan and now resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Dave Garrow

Interpretive Guide Since 2017

An adventurer, landscape ecologist and guide, Dave has a visceral draw to Canada’s remote, cold regions and has spent the last two decades exploring these wild places and learning about the wildlife that call the north home.  When not guiding for Frontiers North Adventures, he works for Parks Canada in Banff National Park as a carnivore biologist.  

Mike Gere

Photography Guide since 2015

Mike joined Frontiers North as a photography guide in 2015 and has been teaching our guests how to capture incredible images of polar bears and northern lights ever since. When he's not in Churchill you can find him behind the lens of a camera in Jasper, Alberta.

Marc Hebert

Tundra Buggy Driver since 2000

For over a decade, Marc has led interpretive trips all over the world, including expeditions to Antarctica, river guiding in the Yukon, and dogsledding excursions throughout the Canadian Rockies. His personal passions in life include solo canoe trips throughout Canada, wildlife photography, and dogsled and kayak racing to name but a few.

Luke Johnson

Tundra Buggy Driver since 2014

After studying adventure tourism in New Brunswick, Luke made his way west and has spent most of his time in Alberta as a seasoned raft guide. He’s been helping our guests experience Churchill since 2014. In his free time, you can find Luke behind his camera, crafting beautiful things out of wood or out for a paddle in his canoe.

JP McCarthy

Tundra Buggy Driver since 2006

Interpretive Guide and Tundra Buggy Driver JP McCarthy enjoys an adventure-seeking lifestyle that includes working seasonally doing what he loves. His winters are spent as a Ski Guide on the Mountains in British Columbia, and his summers are spent working as a Rope Access technician. In the autumn, however, JP has spent the past 18 years helping international travelers experience incredible polar bear adventures in Churchill, Manitoba.

Cole Moszynski

Photography Guide since 2015

Cole is a photographer and wildlife biologist in Winnipeg, MB and when he is not gallivanting across Canada protecting species-at-risk he enjoys showing guests the unique natural beauty of Churchill and the sub-arctic ecosystem. You can catch Cole in Churchill during any season, guiding summer “Beluga, Bears, and Blooms” tours, fall “Churchill Town and Tundra” or “Tundra Buggy Lodge” tours, and winter “Northern Lights and Winter Nights” tours.

Alex Mowat

Interpretive Guide since 2016

A hiking and snowshoeing guide, as well as an environmental educator, Alex has shared his passion for nature for 15 years in Canmore, Alberta. When not guiding on the landscape or working with all three species of bears in Canada, he is most inspired to hike, scramble, trail run, birdwatch, read or meditate. 

Alex Mueller

Tundra Buggy Driver since 2013

Alex came to Churchill for the same reason most of our guests do: to see polar bears. However he decided that rather than join Frontiers North as a guest, he’d join the team as a Tundra Buggy driver. Alex has spent the last 15 years helping people connect with nature through guided hikes and ski trips, leading tours in the Rockies, and building and maintaining hiking and biking trails and structures with Alberta Parks.

Markus Petak

Tundra Buggy Driver since 2010

Born and raised in Southern Manitoba, Markus has lived over 20 years as a passionate interpretive tour guide and ski guide-instructor. Markus' career has included guiding visitors onto glacial ice, trekking mountain ranges, helicopter skiing and interpreting places of natural and cultural significance for visitors from around the world.

Angèle Watrin Prodaehl

Interpretive Guide since 2003

Raised in the wilds of northern Canada, Angèle has worked as a nature interpreter in parks, zoos, museums and in forestry to promote appreciation and conservation of wildlife and natural areas. She received an honours degree in Biology from the University of Saskatchewan and conducts environmental impact assessments and wildlife research throughout the North.  Angèle's blog

Churchill Operations

Our Churchill team is integral to making sure your time in Churchill goes as smoothly as possible. Keep your eyes peeled for them on your Churchill adventure! Click on each photo to meet our team. 

Erin Greene

Fifty Eight North Manager

Erin's love affair with Churchill began in 2012, when she worked her first bear season. Now a Churchill resident, you'll most likely find her on the river paddleboarding with the whales, teaching yoga, or managing our very own gift shop "Fifty Eight North".

Brendan McEwan

Director of Operations

Born and raised "Churchillian" Brendan started in the tourism industry leading beluga boat tours and driving a Tundra Buggy. Now a Logistics team member, Brendan used a Tundra Buggy as his "Just Married" vehicle!

Joe Stover

Logistic Coordinator

Joe moved to Churchill in 1987 at the age of 5. One of his absolute thrills is seeing polar bears, belugas and northern lights through the eyes of our guests; when they see them for the first time, it's like he's seeing them for the first time too. Having been a guest of others in his travelling life, being able to pay it forward to our guests in his hometown is a true joy.

Randy Wasylkoski

Bear Guard

Winnipeg Operations

Our Winnipeg team works hard behind the scenes, creating and curating our amazing adventures, as well as guiding and supporting you through every stage of your adventure. Click on each photo to meet our team. 

Amber Barrett

Human Resources Manager

Working at Frontiers North Adventures allows Amber to combine her love of nature and social responsibility with her passion for the profession of HR. Frontiers North Adventures is committed to providing its employees with a positive and respectful workplace that embraces diversity,  empowers employees to achieve their goals, and recognizes their efforts and Amber is proud to play a part in helping make that happen. In her spare time, Amber enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, golfing, and being outdoors.

Lindsey Bell

Guest Services Coordinator

Lindsey has always loved wildlife and the outdoors - she spent many years working as a zookeeper and in wildlife rehab and conservation, before transitioning to working in the tourism industry. Her passion for travel has allowed her to travel the world, and she has spent the last 6+ years working in Churchill during all the popular tourism seasons. Having now relocated back to her home city of Winnipeg, Lindsey loves helping others experience the magic that Churchill has to offer.

Ana Cabascango

Adventure Planner

Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, in the Middle of the World, Ana moved to Manitoba, the centre of Canada in 2017. She is passionate about travelling around the world and has travelled to various countries in North America, South America and Europe. Anna enjoys helping guests to fulfill their travel dreams.

In her free time, she enjoys road trips, riding her bike, dancing, going to the beach or lake.

Eric Chartier

Adventure Planner

After graduating from the University of Manitoba with an advanced degree in Geography, Eric was looking for a new challenge that combined his studies with his previous work experience in ecotourism, and has found that at Frontiers North. Outside of the office he involves himself in officiating hockey in Winnipeg, as well as landscape photography and playing trombone.

Alex Cupeiro

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

A passionate wildlife enthusiast, Alex has volunteered rescuing injured wildlife and providing educational wildlife presentations across Manitoba since 2018. As an avid traveller, Alex jumped at the chance to work for Frontiers North, where her passions of wildlife, Manitoba and travel intersect. When she is not at work or volunteering, you can expect to find her out taking wildlife photos or at the cabin.

Heidi den Haan

Logistics and Guest Experience

Heidi has always had a love for nature and the outdoors. Educated in ornithology, she worked in the bird related science field which eventually morphed into a fulltime management career within science based organizations. This led her to Churchill where she lived and worked for 6.5 years prior to joining the Frontiers North family, a natural succession combining logistical skills with her love of the north.

Rennaye Delmarque

Sustainability Analyst

Rennaye found her passion for Corporate Social Responsibility while learning about the B Corp™ movement. She was drawn to Frontiers North by her curiosity for the north and the company’s dedication to sustainability. When not at work, Rennaye enjoys going on adventures with her sweet dog.

Lisa-Joy Gunter

Managing Director

Lisa-Joy has worn many hats at Frontiers North over the years. She believes strongly that our greatest asset is our team and is honoured to be leading them in her current role. Life is full with family, friends and business and Lisa-Joy values making time to connect with others, swim in lakes and be active.

John Gunter

President and CEO

Growing up and having shared a lot of time in the out-of-doors with friends and family, it's fitting that John's career has been all about sharing this passion for his home with guests from all over the world. At the same time it is also important for John to be a good steward of the communities and environments that the company visits.

Darcy Hastings

Director of Information Systems

Darcy is passionate about mastering new skills, whether a new programming language or sautéing perfect shrimp. Working at Frontiers North allows him to be a part of sharing the incredible experiences Manitoba has to offer.

Kevin Humphreys

Manager, Tours and Activities

Working at Frontiers North gave Kevin the opportunity to combine his love for travel and the outdoors with his background in operations management. When not at work, you might find Kevin on the East side of Lake Winnipeg riding his bike, sailing, or hanging out with his lap dog Gunns.

Ricki Kupfer

Director of Finance

With personal interests of travel, adventure, and environmental sustainability, Ricki found that she fit right in at Frontiers North Adventures. Once upon a time, Ricki attended the Canada Summer Games as a competitive rower!

Arun Lal

IT System Support Specialist

Arun is very passionate about learning, travel and adventures. Born in South Asia, Arun has never witnessed the sub Arctic wildlife or beautiful northern lights. He feels like working with Frontiers North Adventures will allow him to pursue all his dreams.

Tammie Lang

Office Assistant

After moving from Montreal to Winnipeg in 1993, Tammie worked at a law firm before starting her family and ultimately choosing to  become a stay at home Mom. Once the kids were older she returned to the workforce in the dental field for several years. Wanting a change of pace, she is now delighted to be working for a socially and environmentally conscious company. At Frontiers North Adventures she enjoys a flexible job that allows her to interact with and support all departments. In her spare time she enjoys long walks with her dog Murphy and time spent with her daughters.

Haley Magwood

Manager, Sales & Guest Relations

With an unwavering passion for Canadian tourism, Haley is set on showcasing the breathtaking beauty of her home province, Manitoba, to the world. As the Senior Travel Counsellor, FIT Sales at Frontiers North Adventures, Haley blends her a genuine love for Manitoba with a top-notch customer service, and goes above and beyond to ensure that every visitor experiences the best that Churchill has to offer. Her commitment to fostering close relationships with people from all corners of the globe, along with her encouragement of the exploration of the wonders of Churchill, Manitoba, is making a lasting impact on the world of tourism, leaving an impression, one delighted traveler at a time.

Terry McMillan


Terry has found working at Frontiers North to be the right fit, where he can apply many years of financial management experience in a company that is truly committed to social responsibility. When not at work Terry enjoys being outdoors, spending time at the cottage, cycling, golfing, playing with his two dogs Eli and Zoey, and repairing all things mechanical.

Lisi Ng

Accounting and Office Coordinator

Lisi moved to Winnipeg in 2018. With experience in accounting Lisi started working at Frontiers North Adventures in 2021 and saw her first polar bear in November of that same year! She enjoys that her work exposes her to new things in both accounting and the tourism industry. She likes spending time with her family and enjoys spending time outside.

Laura Sampson

Lead, Group Sales & Industry Relations​

Laura has enjoyed being part of the hospitality and tourism industry for over 20 years. Having grown up outdoors, she has always had a love for nature and wildlife. Laura’s free time is spent playing with her two children, sewing or searching for the perfect treasure at yard sales.

Ian Wood

Manager, Marketing, Communications and Product Development 

In 2021 Ian moved to Winnipeg from Toronto with the vision of building a sustainable future that included his appreciation for the great outdoors in his everyday life. Not long after his move, Ian joined Frontiers North as the marketing and communications manager, fulfilling his goal of integrating his passions for wilderness exploration and environmental stewardship in his career. When not at work, Ian enjoys agility training with his dog and spending quality time with family.

Ada Zhang

Financial Analyst

Ada moved from China to Winnipeg in 2010. She found her personal interest in wildlife and environmental sustainability fits the company culture. During her spare time, Ada enjoys travelling and watching movies.



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