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Canadian Business for Social Responsibility recommends giving 1% of pre-tax profits; on average Frontiers North donates 3% of pre-tax profits through in-cash donations. In addition to providing support for several organizations, Frontiers North was the first major sponsor of Polar Bears International, a non-profit organization dedicated to the worldwide conservation of polar bears through research and education. Since 2000, Frontiers North has maintained Platinum Level sponsorship and continues to work with Polar Bears International on a number of conservation initiatives and programs.

Frontiers North receives numerous requests for charitable support.  Although there are many worthy causes, it is simply not possible to support and manage every request we receive. As a reflection of the values of Frontiers North, we have formed partnerships with a few charitable organizations focusing our support in three core areas: 

  1. People Living with Disabilities
  2. Investing in the Communities Where we Operate
  3. Conservation and Wildlife

 For this reason, we no longer accept unsolicited requests for donation and sponsorship requests.

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