Aug 10

The Beluga Boat Cam is Live!

The time of year has come for the Churchill River to fill with the songs of beluga whales, and you can watch these incredible creatures live on the Beluga Cam!
Jul 25

Where to Stay in Churchill

You're planning your Churchill adventure, but where to stay: the Tundra Buggy Lodge or a Churchill hotel?
Jul 03

What to Wear - Churchill Winter Edition

Churchill is a world-class destination for viewing the northern lights; located directly under the auroral oval, Churchill has many nights of...

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Jun 28

One Day Polar Bear Adventure in support of Assiniboine Park Conservancy

Once again we are happy to announce that Frontiers North will be hosting a One Day Polar Bear Adventure in support of the Assiniboine Park Zoo’s polar bear research and conservation efforts.
Jun 15

Frontiers North Adventures Acquires Full Ownership of Tundra Inn

Frontiers North Adventures together with Belinda and Parker Fitzpatrick today announced the transfer of the Fitzpatrick’s 50 percent ownership stake in the Tundra Inn to Frontiers North.
May 29

Beluga Whale Research #SnotForScience

Justine Hudson is conducting research to provide insight into Churchill's beluga whale population. The more we learn about these curious and cute “canaries of the sea,” the more we can do to protect them and their habitat. So how is she collecting data for this important study? Catching the whale’s snot!
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