Aug 23

Frontiers North's Family Adventures

Looking for a family-friendly vacation in Canada this summer? Or how about a kid-friendly polar bear adventure?

Jul 20

The Beluga Cam is Live!

The time of year has come for the Churchill River to fill with the songs of beluga whales, and you can watch these incredible creatures live on the Beluga Cam!

Jul 12

10 Facts About Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic Sea Ice Day is July 15th and we're spreading the news by sharing Polar Bears International's 10 facts about arctic sea ice and why it matters.

Jun 28

Frontiers North's "Matching Trip" Incentive

Everyone deserves the chance to travel. Yet exploring the wide world is often a privilege reserved for a select few. That’s why Frontiers North Adventures is giving the gift of travel to some of the youth served by Winnipeg’s Marymound organization.

May 31

Michelle Valberg's Cape Churchill Photo-Essay

Frontiers North Adventures is pleased to announce that for the second year in a row International Award-winning Adventure & Wildlife Photographer Michelle Valberg will join our 2016 Legendary Cape Churchill Expedition as a Photo Specialist Guide.

May 24

Curious Whale Sightings in Churchill

Although travelers and locals alike have come to expect and anticipate the arrival of the summer belugas, there has also been an increase in surprising whale activity over the last few years.

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