Churchill’s Birds: Not to be Overlooked

With Hundreds of Species Flocking to the Area, Churchill is a Birder’s Paradise!

Birds. They’re arguably Churchill’s best-kept secret, yet they’re also Churchill's most underrated form of wildlife.

Due to the region’s world-famous polar bears and beluga whales, our flying friends often get overlooked in the Churchill wildlife community, which is really too bad because newsflash – birds are fascinating.


© JP McCarthy (Snowy Owl)

Over 285 species of birds have been spotted in and around Churchill, including a variety of falcons, owls and eagles! Each year this bird hotspot attracts birders from all around the world, primarily in the months of May, June and July. See a few of the birds we found in the summer of 2018. 


Here are five things to know about bird watching in Churchill:

1. Respect their space

Churchill's birds are very accessible and approachable, making them vulnerable to disturbance by over-enthusiastic birders. Please respect the birds, their habitat and the ABA Birders' Code of Ethics.

2. Go in the summer

The best time to see birds is the second week of June through the second week of July. Earlier in the season is best for migrants en route to more northerly nesting grounds. Late June and early July is the best time for nesting species; however, by mid to late July many nesting species tend to be elusive and difficult to see.


© Frontiers North Adventures (Common Eider)

3. Expect Many! 

In a four to seven day trip, most birders can expect to see approximately 100 species!

4. Dress Smart

Pack layers of clothing. Weather may be 27 degrees Celsius one day and drop to 1 degree Celsius the next! Don't forget warm, preferably waterproof boots, long underwear and rain gear. Also, bring insect protection. A good-quality bug jacket is recommended or full-strength insect repellent, as Churchill’s northern blackflies can leave a nasty bite.

5. Board a Tundra Buggy®

A great way to see birds in the wild is on a summer Tundra Buggy Day Tour. Our Tundra Buggies offer the unique opportunity to travel into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, all while keeping our guests and the surrounding wildlife safe. Additionally, our Tundra Buggy drivers are skilled in searching for wildlife and will be able to point out birds you may have otherwise missed! 

You can learn more about our Tundra Buggies here, or contact one of our Adventure Planners for more information!


© Frontiers North Adventures

Header image © Anser Caerulescens (Snow Geese)

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