Jan 24

Prince of Wales Fort Celebrating 300 Years

History of the Prince of Wales Fort It all started with a hat. As strange as it may be the construction of the Prince of Wales Fort at the mouth...

Oct 14

Frozen and Cozy: An Evening at RAW:churchill

Watch the Matador Network's overview of the RAW:churchill experience featuring our award winning chef Mandel Hitzer. RAW:churchill is culinary and...

Sep 07

RAW:churchill - Frequently Asked Questions

In collaboration with Parks Canada and the creators of the award-winning RAW:almond pop-up restaurant, Frontiers North is excited to officially...

Jul 20

The Beluga Cam is Live!

You've probably heard of the Polar Bear Cam - a live feed video of Churchill's polar bears that can be watched around the world from the comfort of...

May 02

Happy Birthday Hudson's Bay Company

On May 2nd, 1670, a Royal Charter bestowing a monopoly on all the trade from all the lands that drain into Hudson Bay was granted to The Governor and...

Mar 23

What to Wear - Churchill Summer Edition

Summer is a beautiful time to visit Churchill - the tundra is teeming with colourful blooms, beluga whales are swimming into the Churchill River by...

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