Jan 24

Prince of Wales Fort Celebrating 300 Years

2017 is a big year for Canada. Parties, events, and activities are being held across the nation in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation. We here at Frontiers North are also celebrating a lesser-known anniversary – the 300th anniversary of the construction of the Prince of Wales Fort.
Jul 20

The Beluga Cam is Live!

The time of year has come for the Churchill River to fill with the songs of beluga whales, and you can watch these incredible creatures live on the Beluga Cam!
May 24

Curious Whale Sightings in Churchill

Although travelers and locals alike have come to expect and anticipate the arrival of the summer belugas, there has also been an increase in surprising whale activity over the last few years.
Apr 05

Serenading Churchill's Beluga Whales

“I had this dream where I could possibly play for a real whale. To be able to interact and almost bridge a line of communication to beluga whales, that would be a dream come true.”
Mar 28

Beguiled by Manitoba's Wildlife

Many moments quickly fade. Then there are those experiences that are far too incredible and life changing to forget. They’re forever etched on your memory. My week spent on the Big Five Safari in Manitoba was one such experience filled with many magical moments.
Jun 10

My Manitoba Big Five Safari Adventure

My kayak is the centre of a moving circle of belugas. Roughly a hundred of those famous, smiling-faced white whales are breathing all around me. I’m in awe and am willing the magic to continue.
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