Frontiers North honoured with PBI “Champion for Polar Bears” Award

Frontiers North Adventures is pleased to be the recipient of the Polar Bears International “Champion for Polar Bears” Award.

This honour is awarded to partners of Polar Bears International (PBI) in recognition of their conservation efforts for polar bears, to bring community attention to PBI’s partners’ efforts, and to build relationships with those taking action within their communities.

PBI has put forth the follow reasons as to why they have chosen Frontiers North Adventures to receive this award in 2012:

  • Over the past 22 years, the Tundra Buggy Adventure has inspired over 100,000 guests by giving them the opportunity not only to have a close encounter with a wild polar bear, but providing them with current information on the importance of this species to the world.
  • For the past ten years, Frontiers North Adventures has provided Polar Bears International with the infrastructure to communicate live from the tundra to students and conservationists around the world on what they can do to make sure this precious resource exists for future generations.
  • Frontiers North Adventures has provided infrastructure to enable PBI to host over 200 students, educators, and communicators at the PBI Leadership Camps. Armed with the ability to create a vision and motivate others to follow that vision, these individuals have been able to return to their communities to change the mindset of how we take care of our planet.
  • FNA has been an active participant in PBI’s Arctic Ambassador Center network, allowing them the ability to be involved in creating the proper stewardship both on campus and in their communities so that future generations will be able to see polar bears roam free in the North.
  • Frontiers North has provided the infrastructure that allows PBI’s top scientists, conservationists, and educators to share their knowledge with guests, both on and off the tundra.

Frontiers North is incredibly honoured to receive this award and would like to thank Polar Bears International for this recognition. We will continue to offer our support to this worthy and important cause.

Polar Bears International is dedicated to the worldwide conservation of the polar bear and its sea ice home through research, education, and stewardship. Discover fun facts, world-leading research, and ways to help polar bears at

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