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Many of our guests are curious with questions like "How big is a Tundra Buggy®?" and "How big is a polar bear?", so we thought we would share a glimpse of what you can look forward to our your Tundra Buggy adventure.

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Diagram of size of Tundra Buggy compared to a polar bear and a human

The official Tundra Buggy® is about more than the vehicle.

What makes a Tundra Buggy truly unique is where we get to go, the experience of our drivers, our passionate and dedicated tour leaders, and the opportunities for our multi-day package tour guests to spend time on the tundra with species experts from Polar Bears International. Frontiers North provides guests with a truly unique experience in some of Churchill’s most remote and exclusive areas.

Tundra Buggy Dock
Whether you stay in the town of Churchill or at the Tundra Buggy Lodge, this is an important stepping off point in your adventure! The official Tundra Buggy offers the most access to the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, one of the best locations in the world to view and photograph polar bears in their natural habitat.

Inside a Tundra Buggy
A Tundra Buggy can hold up to 40 passengers. Our Enthusiast and Specialist level multi-day packages, however, have a lower maximum capacity to allow for more room for our guests and to ensure everyone gets a window seat. All guests will enjoy a light meal and refreshments during their Tundra Buggy excursion. Remember to bring whatever else you need for the day, including: a camera, extra camera batteries, sunglasses, layered clothing and any necessary medications.

Stand next to a Tundra Buggy
Tundra Buggies are large vehicles that can safely maneuver the rough terrain of the tundra, while still allowing our guests to have amazing wildlife viewing opportunities. The tires on each Tundra Buggy vehicle are 1.7 metres (5.5 feet) high and 1.1 metres (3.6 feet) wide, and sit on 63.5-centimetre (25-inch) rims. A wide-bodied enclosure sits on top of the wheels and provides even more height, security, comfort and ability for guests to move around to view and photograph wildlife. This means that even the tallest average bear can stand vertically on the side of the Buggy and guests will remain safely out of reach.

Fifty Eight North - Home of the Tundra Buggy
Fifty Eight North - Home of the Tundra Buggy is a boutique souvenir shop located in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada that celebrates the history of adventuring in Churchill. Known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World, this remote northern town is the only place in the world where people can come face to face with polar bears in the wild from the safety of an official Tundra Buggy.

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