Thanadelthur Lounge

Experience the warmth and comfort of the Thanadelthur Lounge during our northern lights adventures in February and March. During our polar bear season in October and November Thanadelthur is the perfect place to kick back and relax after a full day out on the tundra looking for bears.

In 2016 a new unit joined our fleet. Thanadelthur Lounge replaced our old lounge, welcoming in some new additions to improve the overall guest experience for our winter and autumn seasons. 

Regardless of whether you join us for an evening visit during northern lights season or spend the night at Polar Bear Point during polar bear season, Thanadelthur hosts a variety of features that are sure to improve your visit to Churchill:

  • WiFi accessibility
  • A multi-touch SmartBoard screen (great for presentations)
  • A robust audio system
  • Snacks as well as hot and cold drinks 
  • Numerous charging outlets and tables
  • Games
  • Wall-to-ceiling windows
  • An observation deck with a 360° view


Thanadelthur, which translates to “Thrashing Marten”, was a Dene woman credited with brokering peace between the Cree Nation and the Dene Nation, paving the way to a concord that allowed the Hudson’s Bay Company to further establish the fur trade in Northern Canada. Today Thanadelthur remains a prominent and highly revered figure in the history of the Dene people and the fur trade in Northern Canada, and is thought of among the current Dene nation as ancestor to all people of the north.


During our northern lights adventures in February and March. We are the only company that transports guests via Tundra Buggy across the frozen Churchill River to the Thanadelthur Lounge which is positioned away from the lights of town for northern lights viewing. The cozy lounge is a good place to warm up, charge batteries and review photos. Guests have the opportunity to interact amongst each other, trading stories as well as tips and tricks on photographing the aurora borealis.


Autumn is prime time for polar bear viewing, as the bears migrate their way back to Hudson’s Bay. Trips that stay at Polar Bear Point in the iconic Tundra Buggy Lodge will have the opportunity to experience Thanadelthur Lounge. Placed between Dan’s Diner and the bunkhouses, Thanadelthur Lounge provides guests a place to relax, share stories and photo captures over appetizers and drinks as well as enjoy presentations after a day on the tundra from Polar Bears International.

Some of the most surprising take-aways from an adventure up north are the people you meet along the way. Thanadelthur Lounge can be the place that brings travelers together, allowing them to share stories, photos and experiences. Want to get a first hand experience or relive some past memories? Check out our 360º view of Thanadelthur during Northern Lights season!


Photos © Mike Gere

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