COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

As always, the safety and security of our guests and team members remains our top priority, so we have put the following measures in place for all Frontiers North-operated trips and establishments. As the situation around COVID-19 continues to evolve, so may our policies and procedures as new information and guidelines are made available from public health officials. 

We are closely monitoring the situation and will make updates to this page as they become available.

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Last updated 30-June-2022

Requirements for Entry to and Departure from Manitoba, Canada

You are ultimately responsible for your travel arrangements into the country of Canada and the province of Manitoba as outlined by the province of Manitoba’s latest Travel and Self-isolation public health orders. Guests arriving into Canada from any international point of origin must also adhere to Canada’s Mandatory quarantine or isolation requirements that also provide an exemption to fully vaccinated travellers. Please visit this Government of Canada - Travel, quarantine and borders page for detailed information.

For Guests booked on a multi-day package tour with us in 2022:

For those Guests who require a COVID-19 test result to return to their country of origin, there will be a direct service available to you at the Lakeview Signature, Trademark Collection by Wyndham hotel at the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport through Star COVID Testing at a cost of $79 CAD plus GST (click here for credit card authorization form). This is a third-party service not offered by Frontiers North Adventures; guests are responsible for making their own arrangements if desired. Please check your itinerary for details of how to make an appointment if desired. For more information, contact Marina at [email protected].

General Overview of COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

COVID-19 Immunization Declaration and Proof of Vaccination

It is required that all guests and staff be fully immunized with a Transport Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccination for at least two weeks prior to their scheduled departure. Prior to your trip with Frontiers North Adventures, our guests are asked to declare to us that they are fully vaccinated (click here to see our COVID-19 Immunization Declaration form).

Once in Manitoba, guests may be required to show proof of vaccination (i.e immunization records) to participate in select tours and activities within the province. Failure to provide proof of vaccination may result in the guest’s access being denied to certain third-party services throughout their trip.

You can click here to check if you qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller in Canada.


Whether on our charter plane, aboard a Tundra Buggy or somewhere in between, our private transport vehicles will now undergo enhanced cleaning including more frequent sanitization of high touch surfaces. Additionally, we employ the use of an electrostatic sprayer across our Churchill operations. Hand sanitizer will be made readily available for application by guests prior to boarding all vehicles.

Using an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect the Tundra Buggy.


To minimize the potential for cross-contamination, the Tundra Inn hotel became Clean It Right-certified in 2020. All full time staff are trained in an enhanced cleaning education and awareness program.


Meal Service

Food preparation will continue in accordance with Manitoba Health guidelines for food establishments. Guests will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering food establishments while on tour and physical distancing rules are in place. To minimize the potential for cross-contamination, we have adjusted lunch service aboard our Tundra Buggies to include individually-wrapped sandwiches. Canned pop, fresh water, hot beverages and refills are also available. Additionally, the Tundra Inn and Tundra Pub became Clean It Right-certified in 2020, with all full time staff trained in an enhanced cleaning education and awareness program.


Tundra Buggy Lodge

All full time staff at the Tundra Buggy Lodge have been trained in an enhanced cleaning education and awareness program following Clean It Right guidelines. Each of the lodge units—Dan’s Diner, Thanadelthur Lounge, and Hearne and La Perouse sleeping quarters—are equipped with an intake to draw in fresh air at regular intervals and will undergo enhanced cleaning daily, including more frequent sanitization of high touch surfaces with an electrostatic sprayer. The bathrooms will also be deep cleaned daily with high touch surfaces sanitized every half hour during peak usage times. Hand sanitizer will be made readily available to guests throughout the lodge.

Assigned sleeping arrangements in the same pod(s) will also be enforced for groups travelling together where possible to increase physical distance between groups and minimize cross-contamination.

Revised Booking Policies

Be assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure your travel safety and to provide maximum flexibility for your trip. Given these unique circumstances, we have made adjustments to our booking policies to give you extra peace of mind. You will find our policy detailed in full under our terms and conditions

Preparation for Your Trip

Carry Proof of Vaccination

We recommend that guests carry physical proof of Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccination on their person for the duration of their tour, as they may be required to present it on check-in at various stages of their trip. Acceptable proof of vaccination includes physical, printed or electronic vaccination records and/or cards. We have been advised that if a guest holds a Manitoba Immunization Card, the QR code alone may not be sufficient, so we strongly encourage all guests to print their proof of vaccination and carry a physical copy on their person prior to the commencement of their tour. If the guest cannot provide proof, they may be denied participation and/or boarding.

Proof of vaccination information must include:

  • Details of first dose (date, country and vaccine received)
  • Details of second dose, if one was required (date, country and vaccine received)
  • Print-out, photo or PDF of vaccine dose records (eg. receipts, paper or electronic record of immunization, vaccination card or confirmation, etc.)

Click the link to see a sample immunization record that meets the requirements outlined above.

Bring Your Mask

Guests may be required to wear a mask for certain portions of the trip, including but not limited to while participating in activities operated by third party suppliers. This is for the personal protection of the guest and anyone the guest may come in contact with. It is the guest’s responsibility to provide their own mask for the duration of the trip; if the guest does not have a mask of their own, one can be purchased in Churchill at Fifty Eight North - Home of the Tundra Buggy at 124 Kelsey Blvd. in Churchill.

Travel Sustainably

In keeping with our sustainability efforts, to reduce waste and prevent cross-contamination, we encourage all our guests to bring their own pre-filled, reusable beverage container (eg. water bottle or resealable travel mug) throughout the duration of the tour.

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