The Dan's Diner Remote Culinary Experience - Frequently Asked Questions

Frontiers North Adventures is excited to present the Dan's Diner remote culinary adventure in Churchill, Canada. Learn more about what to expect once you book your seat.

Dan's Diner Pop-Up Restaurant

Guests embark from Churchill on an official Tundra Buggy® and travel to the Dan's Diner site. Once there, diners will enjoy a world-class meal in a heated 'pop-up' restaurant that has been designed purposefully with panoramic windows and skylights to take advantage of the opportunity to view the northern lights.

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Dan's Diner Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Does Dan's Diner serve diner-like food, as the name would suggest?

No. The meal will consist of several courses that are perhaps best described as regional with international influence. Dan's Diner was affectionately named after Dan Guravich, the first cook to take up residence at the original Tundra Buggy Lodge.

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Q2) Can dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Patrons at Dan's Diner will enjoy a masterfully curated menu by one of the region's top chefs, Jared Fossen, with courses inspired by regional delicacies from land and sea. Please be aware there are some limitations with respect to accommodating dietary restrictions. If you have food allergies or intolerances, please let us know in advance by calling us toll free at 1-800-663-9832 or international at 1-204-949-2050 so we can alert you to any courses that may contain an allergen.

Q3) What should I wear? Or is there a dress code?

Dress in warm layers. There isn’t a formal dress code and the dining space is heated but you will still be exposed to the wind and cold. Keep in mind you may want to spend some time outside for northern lights viewing, so wear extra layers that you are able to remove and add back on as needed.

Q4) Are alcoholic beverages included in the cost?

Some courses may include alcoholic beverages as part of the experience. Any additional drinks will be an added charge. A limited selection of wine and spirits is available for purchase.

Q5) Are tips included in the cost?

Gratuities are not included in the remote culinary adventure price. In Canada, it is customary to tip for what you believe is exceptional service, at your discretion. Should you wish to leave a cash gratuity (CAD or USD funds preferred), please give it directly to the chef, serving staff, driver and/or guide whom you would like to tip.

Q6) What type of food will be served?

Guests will enjoy a meticulously curated menu designed by one of the region's top chefs, featuring courses inspired by regional delicacies from land and sea.

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Q7) What time are the seatings at?

All seatings commence at 6 p.m.

Q8) How long is the dinner?

Dan's Diner meal service will be approximately 2.5 hours; the entire experience is approximately 5 hours.

Q9) I’d like to bring my camera and tripod for the northern lights viewing – is there anywhere to store my belongings safely during dinner?

Yes. Bring the camera gear with you on the Tundra Buggy and flag down one of the Frontiers North team members. There will be a safe spot onsite that they can store it for you if required.

Q10) How do I book a seat today for Dan's Diner?

There are four ways to reserve your seat for Dan's Diner: 

  1. Book onto any of our Frontiers North Northern Lights and Winter Nights Enthusiast trips.
  2. Book onto our exclusive Dan's Diner Getaway Package for the full culinary experience, one night's accommodation in Churchill and return flights between Winnipeg and Churchill.
  3. Reserve individual tickets now by filling out this form.
  4. Inquire about reserving an entire seating for your group.


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