Our Top Ten Favourite Things About Polar Bear Season

What are a few of our favourite things about Churchill?

There is a lot to love about Churchill, especially during polar bear season. Here's our top ten favourite things about Polar Bear Adventures in Churchill, as chosen by our staff. How many of these are your favourites too?


10. Meeting people from all over the world and sharing Canada's North with new friends. 

Guests visiting from Colombia ©Frontiers North Adventures

9. The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets that you will ever experience. 

8. The incredible sense of adventure.

Dogsledding through the Boreal Forest ©Frontiers North Adventures

7. The welcoming people of Churchill. 

6. The clicking of cameras on the Tundra Buggy. 

5. The incredible, dancing northern lights. 

Northern Lights ©Simon Gee/CanUK Images

4. Reconnecting with old friends as staff (and bears) arrive in town for the season. 

3. Polar bears lumbering across the tundra, backlit by the warm light of a Manitoba sunset. 

Churchill Sunset ©JP McCarthy

2. Seeing our guests light up as they catch their first glimpse of a polar bear.

1. Polar Bears, Polar Bears, Polar Bears!

Mom & Cub ©Bob Debets


What are your favourite things about Polar Bear Season in Churchill?

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