Autumn Tundra Buggy Day Tours

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An Autumn Tundra Buggy® Day Tour is the best and safest way to view the majestic polar bear in its natural environment and is an ideal tour option if you are planning your own travel and accommodations in Churchill.

Tundra Buggy Day Tours include expert interpretation in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area about the wildlife and the magnificent ecosystems surrounding the subarctic environment of Churchill. You will have the opportunity to explore the open tundra while your driver discusses the effects of tides, currents and ice formation on the polar bears. Our interpretive Tundra Buggy Drivers are experienced tour leaders and passionate adventurers who are are skilled at positioning the Tundra Buggy for optimal photography opportunities and wildlife viewing. Wildlife you spot may include polar bears, arctic hare, arctic and red fox, gyrfalcon, ptarmigan and much more.

Please note that Tundra Buggy Day Tours take place on a 40-passenger Tundra Buggy and during peak seasons have a tendency to sell to capacity. We highly recommend booking your Tundra Buggy Day Tour(s) as early as possible.  

Want to learn more about Tundra Buggies and Tundra Buggy Day Tours? Read our FAQ here.

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Autumn Tundra Buggy Day Tours begin with check-in between 7:15 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. at Fifty Eight North - Home of the Tundra Buggy. Guests will be picked up and transferred to the Tundra Buggy Dock where we will board our Tundra Buggy and journey into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. The time on the tundra will be spent exploring the subarctic landscape and searching for the majestic polar bear and other northern wildlife. A picnic-style lunch is included. At the end of the tour guests will be transferred back to Churchill and dropped off at Fifty Eight North. Eight-hour Autumn Tundra Buggy Day Tours start during the second week of October and run through mid-November.

The Autumn Tundra Buggy Day Tour is one of Destination Canada's Signature Experiences

Our Autumn Day Tours begin at sunrise and end near sunset to ensure we make the most of the shortened subarctic daylight hours. 

Autumn Tundra Buggy Day Tour Dates & Times

Guests should check-in at Fifty Eight North - Home of the Tundra Buggy by 7:45 a.m. for transfer to the Tundra Buggy Dock, where they will board a Tundra Buggy for a full-day excursion. A light meal and refreshments will be provided. At the end of the tour guests will be transferred back to Churchill and dropped off at Fifty Eight North around 5 p.m.

2021 Autumn Tundra Buggy Day Tours

View the 2021 Autumn Tundra Buggy Day Tour schedule here


Adult: $519
Child: $419

*All taxes included in price. Light meal included on Tundra Buggy. Child price is for children 12 and under at time of travel.



Frontiers North committed to going water bottle-free in 2016. Instead of using disposable plastic water bottles on our Tundra Buggies, we are encouraging our guests to bring their own reusable, sealable water bottle or travel mug that can be filled with clean drinking water or coffee on board. 

By phasing out the use of manufactured plastic bottles on our Tundra Buggies, we are helping to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels used to produce plastic bottles and carbon dioxide emitted into our atmosphere when bottles are transported. On top of all that, we’re keeping plastic out of landfills!

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