Tundra Buggy® Winter Northern Lights Tours at the Aurora Lounge

A Tundra Buggy Winter Northern Lights Tour is the best way to view the awe-inspiring aurora borealis in complete comfort. With the night sky enveloped in darkness, you will travel from the town of Churchill across the frozen Churchill River by Tundra Buggy to the warmth of the Aurora Lounge. Heated for your comfort with sky lights, wide open views through oversized windows and a rooftop observation deck, the Aurora Lounge offers the ultimate northern lights viewing experience, weather permitting. Later, you will meander back to town aboard the Tundra Buggy.

Tundra Buggy Winter Northern Lights Tours

Aurora Lounge

Guests will meet at Fifty Eight North - Home of the Tundra Buggy at 7:30 pm for transfer to the official Tundra Buggy, which you will board for a four-hour excursion to and from the Aurora Lounge. Once at the Aurora Lounge, you have the opportunity to get down on the tundra to take photos of the aurora borealis, or if you prefer, you can stay warm inside while viewing the northern lights from the panoramic windows. Around midnight the tour will end and you will be returned back to Churchill.

2018 Tundra Buggy Winter Northern Lights Tour Price


*All taxes included in price.


Our 2018 Tundra Buggy Winter Northern Lights Tours are now complete. Our 2019 schedule will be released later this year. Contact us today to join the waitlist.


Frontiers North committed to going water bottle-free. Instead of using disposable plastic water bottles on our Tundra Buggies, we are encouraging our guests to bring their own reusable water bottle that can be filled with clean drinking water on board. 

By phasing out the use of manufactured plastic bottles on our Tundra Buggies, we are helping to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels used to produce plastic bottles and carbon dioxide emitted into our atmosphere when bottles are transported. On top of all that, we’re keeping plastic out of landfills!


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