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For over 30 years, Frontiers North Adventures has been delivering unique itineraries and amazing experiences in Canada’s North - particularly Churchill, Manitoba. Multi-day package adventures are our specialty with programs designed for small groups of guests with specific interests in experiential travel, photography, wildlife, culture and adventure. 

We work closely with our partners, locals and the communities we visit. It's these relationships with people on the land that make the difference between a cool vacation and an authentic adventure.


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Northern Lights and Winter Nights - Enthusiast - Calgary-Churchill Direct 

Northern Lights and Winter Nights - Enthusiast 

Northern Lights and Winter Nights - Specialist




Belugas, Bears and Blooms - Adventurer - Drive and VIA Rail




One Day Polar Bear Adventure

Churchill Town and Tundra Experience

Tundra Buggy Lodge at Polar Bear Point - Enthusiast

Tundra Buggy Lodge at Polar Bear Point - Specialist

Conservation Journey: Polar Bears


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