Polar Bear International's Climate Alliance 2016

Today participants from Arctic Ambassador Centers (AACs) throughout Canada, Europe, and the United States are arriving in Churchill for Polar Bears International’s Climate Alliance 2016 —a program that will give them the tools, the contacts, and the inspiration necessary to lower CO2 emissions in their communities. AACs are zoos, museums, science centers and aquariums that are dedicated to supporting Polar Bear International’s mission of conserving polar bears and the sea ice on which they depend.

For more than a decade, Frontiers North Adventures has been a proud supporter of PBI’s Climate Alliance providing our Tundra Buggy Lodge and Tundra Buggies for the group to use as a base for this unique program that provides participants the opportunity to learn about polar bear conservation in the field.

An invitation to Climate Alliance is just the beginning of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for participants; it is the first step on a journey to change communities and in turn the planet for the good of polar bears and the human species alike.

The PBI Climate Alliance is a can-do working group. Through the Alliance, PBI trains and empowers individuals to effect community change. The program includes:

•               A grounding in climate science

•               An understanding of the status of arctic sea ice, polar bears, and the urgent need to act

•               Training in strategies to effect community change

Follow the participants in this years’ Climate Alliance blog and learn more about you too can help conserve polar bears and the sea ice on which they depend.






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