Now you see me...

A poor attempt at camouflage allowed a couple of our guests a closer than expected encounter with an arctic hare this past weekend.

Frontiers North Interpretive Guide Doug Ross shared these photos of an arctic hare that has already turned white for the autumn. Unfortunately for him, there is still no snow on the ground in Churchill and he doesn't blend in as well as he thinks. Commentary provided by Doug. 

Stalking the Elusive Arctic Hare   

The now turned-white hare thinks himself invisible.  The guests think they are as close as they can get. 

Hiding in Plain View

The stalk continues. Guests ask "Can we get even closer?  He's still not moving".  

Blending In

Hare says, "I am perfectly camouflaged.  I know those people can't see me!"

Time to Bounce


"Whoops," says the hare, "I think it is time to 'tip-toe' away".  Guests say, "I can't believe I got this close! Why did I put the telephoto on!"


To keep up to date on how the 2015 polar bear season is going, be sure to check out our Pic of The Day Facebook Album. Every day during October and November we will share our favourite photos taken by guests and staff on any of our 2015 Churchill Adventures. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

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