5 ways to get the most out of your Churchill adventure

Your Churchill adventure is booked! Now what? Here's some suggestions we have to help make your journey memorable.

1. Pack properly - The weather in Churchill varies greatly from season to season. Due to the ever-changing weather, no matter which season you travel to Churchill, we suggest packing so as to be able to dress in several layers. If you are booked on an autumn Frontiers North adventure, you will be allowed two pieces of checked luggage (soft sided luggage is preferred for easier storage) weighing a combined total of 70 pounds. Each person is also allowed one carry on item and one personal item weighing no more than 20 pounds.

Find out what to bring by checking out our Autumn What to Wear Blog, our Summer What to Wear Blog or by visiting our Gear Rentals page.


2. Take plenty of photos - You came a long distance to be here and we hope you’ll go home with plenty of images to remember your adventure. Make sure you bring extra batteries and memory cards! We also recommend a camera bean bag to steady your camera - we advise against using tripods on the Tundra Buggy except during our Nothern Lights adventure

Check out our blog for tips on polar bear photography and northern light photography


3. Share your experiences - Our guests come from around the world to experience the wonders of the north. Interacting with fellow passengers can add to the enjoyment and educational aspect of your journey.

Why not get to know your fellow travellers over a delicious northern meal?


4. Get to know the locals - Many folks that call Churchill home have great stories to share about life in this unique town. If the opportunity arises, strike up a conversation with a local – it may be one of the highlights of your trip.

Curious about life in Churchill? Learn how Churchill has adapted to keep Halloween for the kids


5. Enjoy the ride - Be prepared to be flexible. Schedules can change due to weather and situations beyond our control. Consider it part of Your Authentic Arctic Experience and relish in the adventure!



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