Tracking the Frontiers North Polar Bear

At this time of year there are no polar bears to see in Churchill, but did you know that we can also keep track of them once they are on the ice?

The Polar Bears International (PBI) Bear Tracker is a fun tool that allows people all over the world to track the movements of polar bears that have been collared by PBI for research purposes. These bears are studied in order to understand the population better. Each spring and autumn, scientists put satellite collars on a small number of bears to follow their movements, habitat use and the survival of their cubs. The collars are lightweight and designed to fall off on their own in 14 months. 

In September of 2014, Frontiers North Adventures became the proud sponsor of a polar bear mom and her cub. 

Since being collared, the Frontiers North bear has travelled 1294 km (804 mi) making her one of the farthest travelled in this time span. She also seems to have one of the more interesting routes!

At the beginning of the season our bear spent her October and November hanging out in Wapusk National Park, moving farther south inland before deciding in late November to trek north to the coast.

When our bear and her cub did climb onto the sea ice they first moved north towards Cape Churchill, but decided instead to veer east across the bay towards the far Ontario coastline.

From there, they made some large movements north through roughly the middle of Hudson Bay, before turning around and heading west again, angling slightly south.

They are now almost right in the middle of the Bay and are sure to surprise us with their next movements!

Learn more about the Polar Bears International Bear Tracker. 

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