Frontiers North accepts Travel Manitoba Partnership Award

Frontiers North Adventures is proud to accept Travel Manitoba's 2014 Partnership Award, which recognizes our collaboration with Polar Bears International to bring Google Street View to the Polar Bear Capital of the World.

This past September Frontiers North Adventures was among the nominees for the 16th Annual Manitoba Tourism Partnership Award. The award is presented to a nominee that demonstrates the power of partnership, contributes to the growth of Manitoba’s tourism industry, and demonstrates a successful collaboration.

At Frontiers North Adventures, our ultimate goal is to share with our guests the wildlife of the north as well as the history and customs of the people of the north. We do recognize, however, that we have a great responsibility to educate not only our guests but also the world about the issues facing the wildlife and the people in the communities in which we travel.

Therefore, we are constantly seeking out ways that we can share the resources we have - i.e. the best access in the world to wild polar bears - with potential partners from around the globe who can aid us in our goal.

When an opportunity presented itself to collaborate with our partners at Polar Bears International on a project that would bring Churchill's polar bears to people around the world via Google Street View, we immediately got to work.  

Throughout October and November 2013, we collected Street View imagery via a Google Trekker mounted on a Frontiers North Tundra Buggy® along the shores of Hudson’s Bay as the polar bears waited for the sea ice to freeze over.

In the end the project expanded to one where the Google Treks team came to Churchill themselves to profile this place as one of their rare behind-the-scenes locations.

Using Google’s mapping tools, people from around the globe can now explore the habitat of one of the world’s best-known polar bear subpopulations. But more than just the tundra, through this partnership Google also mapped the town of Churchill. Now past visitors and potential new visitors can wander down Kelsey Blvd, take a walk through the Town Complex and even lay their eyes on the famous Gypsy's Bakery getting a virtual tour of this remote northern town.

More importantly, this only represents the beginning of this partnership. We continue to work with our partners at Polar Bears International to grow this relationship with Google, envisioning other initiatives we can undertake to help inspire people globally to make changes to help polar bears.

Take a tour of Churchill on Google Streetview

Learn more about our partnership with Polar Bears International.

Photo: FNA owner Lynda Gunter, VP Marketing & Sales Tricia Schers, VP Finance & Operations Jennifer Ash, President & CEO John Gunter. 


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