An Epic Journey in the North

This spring Interpretive Guide David Reid set out on an adventure of a lifetime.

We choose our Interpretive Guides and Drivers for their passion for Canada's North and adventurous travel. Frontiers North Interpretive Guide, and owner of award-winning arctic tour company Polar Sea Adventures, David Reid is a perfect example. With over 250 Arctic and Antarctic expeditions under his belt, there is no doubt that David has an incredible love for the north.

To prove his passion for the north even further, this past spring David added another incredible northern adventure to his list: he became the first person to cycle through Baffin Island’s remote Auyuittuq National Park.

The 10-day, 130-kilometre journey took David over frozen rivers and lakes, barren rocks, and plenty of snow. He traveled solo and successfully completed this intense journey when he reached the small Inuit community of Pangnirtung on April 13, 2014.

David gives credit to his bike, a Borealis fat-tire, for emerging from this epic journey in better shape then he did. David says conditions varied drastically on his trip: some days it was clear and the sun was shining; other days it was so cold and snowy the wind would almost blow the bike right out of David’s hands. David ended up with frostbite on his fingertips and ears after this frigid trek, but he claims that’s all part of living and working in Canada’s North.

When asked if he would consider adding a bike trek to Polar Sea Adventures’ repertoire of Arctic expedition tours, David said, “maybe.” Although this trip was a personal highlight for him, he says the trip itself is too weather dependent to do as a yearly group tour. In 2013 there was a warmer period in April that would have made this tour impossible - slush can be an Arctic cyclist’s worst enemy.

Frontiers North recognizes the value in investing in staff to pursue activities that enhance their credibility as adventure tourism professionals. That’s why a few years ago we started a special fund specifically to support staff as they undertake these kinds of endeavours. In addition to David’s bike trip on Baffin Island, support from this fund has also gone to support guide Hayley Shephard for her solo kayak trip around South Georgia Island, and Tundra Buggy driver Marc Hebert for participating in the Yukon River Quest

David has been a Frontiers North Adventures Interpretive guide since 2006 and has been involved in the adventure travel business for over a decade. We are proud to have David share his passion for the north with our guests. 

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