Onward into the fog!

Many people describe our adventures as once-in-a-lifetime trips that top their bucket list and we’re proud that people view our adventures in this way. From our perspective we’re simply sharing our corner of the world and helping our guests better acquire a sense of place in it.

Travel in Canada’s north can be challenging. Arriving in a small, remote community isn’t like going to a large city with good public transport and many accommodation options. For the most part northern communities are accessible only by air and for a limited part of the year by sea, not to mention access to some areas requires special permits. We have over 30 years of adventuring up here. It’s our job to take care of the details so you can focus on your extraordinary experience, memorializing moments as they occur. Then, upon arriving back home, it’s easier for you to share these moments with your friends and family.

Speaking of that, this past year we determined better ways to help our guests memorialize their adventure with us. Through our valued partnerships with Canada Goose, the Hudson’s Bay Company and Polar Bears International we have developed some wonderfully unique ways for our guests to cherish their northern adventures. This includes keeping our guests warm in authentic Canada Goose parkas and our free Churchill Travel Guide app allows travelers to capture details from their trip such as the exact GPS coordinates of where they first locked their gaze with a wild polar bear. We’ve also taken our retail presence in Churchill in a new direction. At ‘Fifty Eight North - Home of the Tundra Buggy’, through interpretive displays, we honour the history of adventuring and travel in and around Churchill. While visiting there you have the opportunity to, for example, indulge in a caribou throw from Hudson’s Bay Company’s Signature Collection, similar to the HBC Point Blanket under which you slept on the Tundra Buggy Lodge, what an experience!

Our ultimate goal is to inspire you. Your inspirational experience, however, can never come at the expense of polar bears’ safety or your own. The life of a polar bear should never be at stake in order for any guest to achieve a travel goal. With our own experience as well as through our work with Polar Bears International, Parks Canada and Manitoba Conservation, we have come to learn and appreciate the unpredictability and the sheer power of the world’s largest land carnivore. That’s why on a Frontiers North adventure, polar bears remain safely in their territory and we remain in ours, a Tundra Buggy.

We strive to inspire our guests by delivering truly authentic experiences in Canada’s North and we are thrilled as more and more guests choose Frontiers North with whom to discover our wildlife, history and culture. To learn more about the life-changing experiences we host, please explore our website or request from us (and we'll post to you) our 2014 brochure. If you just can't wait for the our new brochure to arrive in the mail, please review the online version.

On behalf of the Frontiers North Team,

John Gunter
President & CEO

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